Saturday, March 18, 2017

Chuck Berry

The house I live in has a central amplifier hooked to 5 sets of speakers spread around the house.

I recently bought a small Bluetooth amplifier to replace the hulking multi-interface Kenwood that had been doing things around here for years; the CD player had quit working reliably so I had been thinking Bluetooth for some time.

Just recently I found a little, one function Bluetooth amplifier that was cheap enough to buy; if it didn't do what I needed so what?

So I bought it.

And it did what I needed: it can drive all 5 sets of speakers.

I should mention that it is driving an iPhone 7.

I have all my music and a lot of my movies on it.

So it’s a trove for would be curators like me.

That allowed me to think about playing some Cuck Berry – perhaps somewhere near the threshold of auditory pain.

Just a little while ago – this evening - I cranked the volume up to 8 or 9 and began to play my favorite Chuck Berry songs.

After I had heard Teenage Wedding I played Emmy Lou Harris's version.

Then I went back to Chuck.

When I quit - I was drinking Johnnie Walker Red the whole time - I realized that I had had a mini wake for Chuck Berry.

I really hope it makes him happy; it did me - amongst the sorrows.

One of the sorrows is I guess I never get to hear that duet that I have always wanted to hear: Chuck and Emmy Lou doing "Teenage...You Never Can Tell.

I opened the doors so the neighborhood could share the wake.

I hope they liked it.

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