Friday, March 3, 2017

Straws In The Wind

“The Buck Stops Here” (Harry Truman) stops with trump.

Jeff Sessions admits that he actually did have two meetings with the Russians (after testifying under oath that he had no such contacts).

Pre-donnie I had always heard that this sort of thing was called perjury (Bill Clinton comes to mind).

General Flynn still hasn’t had anybody come after him for felonious contact with Russia.

Republicans nation wide are passing laws to criminalize protests.

Key components of those laws are:

1. Long prison terms;

2. Expropriation of assets of protestors;

3. No liability for motorists running down and killing protestors (I’m not making this up).

I finally heard today – it was Luke Burbank – make a reference to the Biff as a billionaire segment at the beginning of Back to the Future II

I have been wondering why nobody has brought this up so far; the character is absolutely trump.

The fact that that scene was shot in 1995 is unnerving.

donnie the dildo tweets pictures of Chuck Schumer having a bagel with Puty (I guess he was jealous) and of Nancy Pelosi in a room full of people, one of whom was the Russian ambassador. donnie wants a full investigation of both of those, obviously sinister, occasions.

I once saw a picture of John McCain with a picture of Ho Chi Minh in the background: I think we need to get to the bottom of that too; probably a special prosecutor is in order there.

I have come to my own personal conclusion about donnie’s Russo love: the last time he went bankrupt some Russian banks re-financed him. I guess that might make tax returns inconvenient.

I assume there ARE some interesting videos.

Finally, a fairly believable and certainly cogent magazine article says that trump is where he is and is doing what he is doing for one reason.

He has a plan for becoming the richest man in the world.

But what the hell.

We did pretty well for 230 years.

I guess that is all we had in us.

I’m going to watch Gladiator now.

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