Thursday, March 2, 2017

Truth Is An Option Too Dear

The faux president of the united states gave a speech tonight.

He gave a speech to the faux congress of the united states.

All the faux elected crew clapped and gesticulated enthusiastically.

And Little Orphan Annie – the faux vice president – looked really dewy eyed proud.

But the real faux presence was the faux president.

That faux guy – the orange guy with the bad comb over – said a bunch of stuff he either didn’t believe or didn’t understand, or both.

Everything he said is negated by everything he has ever said elsewhere.

The man lies.

The man is incapable of truth.

The man doesn’t acknowledge that a thing such as truth could exist.

And he is incapable of seeing it.

Which  is why so many cabinet appointments – Sessions and Flynn come to mind – are also liars.

He needs liars to keep him on message.

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