Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Court Jester And Related Subjects

My wife's idea is that Kelly Ann is the court jester.


Concerning Gorsuch – or whatever his silver haired upper class white supremacist name might be: phony is faux and faux is him.

I have heard him talk for ten hours and I now know that he is faux.

But then, so is the Senate; and so is the House of Representatives; and, especially so is the presidency.

But I guess that’s the best an America ostensively led by a reality television maven can bring onto the world stage.

How sad.

Sad for us – Americans who still give a shit.

And the majority of us who did not vote for donnie must never forget that this phony judge, was appointed by a phony president who was put in office by a phony election (unless one is real comfortable with Putin).

So, I guess the next move is going to be by the various militias that the republicans have fostered over the years: when the inevitable revolt against donnie the dildo starts, his various crazed – and deeply armed, and marginally trained - supporters will divide the geography amongst themselves, and start shooting at one another.

Vive the Second Amendment!

I suggest that those of us in the general population of what we currently call "America" listen to the multiple daily accounts of life in Syria to get a feel for our future.

Keep all your furniture because you are going to soon need it for cooking fuel.

Also, watch Red Dawn – the one with Patrick Swayze, because that will tell you what a patriot – not bullshit phony Americans, like the various militias – does when attacked.

But minimum requirement: we can all get ready to break up our furniture for fuel and to kill our dogs and cats for food.

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