Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Great Is Bunk

Here in the PNW in the last few days we have had a guy on a light rail train in Portland accost two young women with hate speech.

Then he killed two of the three young men who tried to intervene.

Then in court he yelled that Portland needs to defend free speech.

Apparently in the trump era freedom of speech includes multiple murders.

A few days later a pickup truck driver shouting racial epithets ran down and two young Native Americans.

One of them died.

He just recently got caught so we haven’t yet had the chance to hear him invoke the new freedom of speech of the trump era.

But he will.


I am not saying that these people have suddenly sprung up like toadstools in the rain.

They have always been there.

I have run into them off and on throughout my life, and they have always TALKED a great racist line.

But that was usually in the format of being the guy two guys down the bar at happy hour.

Now they are on light rail and driving their trucks through parking lots trolling for victims.

And the two I have alluded to are only the most recent, close to me, hate driven acts of violence.

Since November 9 they have been everywhere.

It’s good to see that the new president’s promise to make America great again is having immediate effect: those who have always been there now feel fully enabled, endorsed and approved.

How nice.


My plan is to periodically comment on all of the various manifestations of this post trump era re-emergence of America’s greatness: things like getting back to the job of massively polluting the rivers, lakes and oceans, and making sure that the financial system can leverage itself into insolvency so those of us who are giving up health care so that the rich can have more money to leverage the financial system can bail the financial system out.

You know: great stuff like that.

I hope to interleave them every now and then with the Screen Saver of the day.

Ying and Yang?

The hate thing has been a nice start.

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