Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Russia Wins

If I understand the Putin  tactic, it is to scramble the governance of democracies.

donald trump is no doubt a vassal of the Russians, but since the coal mining lobby has taken over the government, treason, or things a lot like it don’t matter any more; ol’ Mitch will defend the traitor to the last ditch.

And, while firing the guy who was looking into whether you committed treason may look as if it pretty much tells the tale, a lot of the ignorami in coal country still support donnie the dildo.

(I know, I have heard the never ending barrage of news items about how the coal country people are really not stupid, but are, in fact, brilliant; I just can’t get there.)

So, donnie has defended Hillary by firing the guy who cost her the presidency, and has fired him, after 100 or so days, and that all should be good.

Why he didn’t do it right away, rather than after the guy donnie fired had asked for more resources to investigate the treason thing has been a question hovering over the Tuesday Night Massacre; but, as Kelly Anne would say, that is a question based upon the wrong fact set.

But that sudden affinity with Ms. Clinton should be good in some fantasy world of reality television, perhaps; and one never knows when one may need to return to one’s roots.

But in the real world it is ludicrous.

But anyway, the fact that the guy who cost Hillary the presidency is also investigating donnie for treason has been conveniently removed from that investigation is a fact that should be considered.

Alternate facts aside, I think we are in real trouble here.

And Russia wins in an unexpected way - (they thought that if they affected the outcome of the Presidential election they won);  they got much more: a uniquely American free-for-all especially constituted to bring down America.

The last time something like this happened was in the 1600s in Britain.

I don’t see an Oliver on our horizon.

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