Saturday, October 27, 2018


One of the never ending stories about how divided America has finally catalyzed a thought that I have been sensing but haven’t been able to get out into a form I could evaluate.

The heredity of that thought is quite complex but its most interesting parent is the constant coverage of how ecstatic the trump voters are with everything that is going on.

What finally came out to me was what that must mean.

The inverse insight that led me to my alter insight was my introspective view of my post 6 November 2016 situation.

That situation can be summed up with the words “darkness, despair and disgust”.

The catalyzed revelation that ultimately emerged recently was that, other than a buffoon in the White House, my situation hasn’t changed post disaster and my situation is pretty good.

So why all that gloom?

That led me to thinking differently about the trump supporter archetype: the victims of the sophistication of America’s manufacturing system and supporting supply chain.

Quickly stated was that, rather than concluding that they are all cretins, I came to the view that they are living in a state of euphoria diametrically opposite to my profound darkness.

But for those people – except for a buffoon in the White House - nothing has changed since donnie took over.

“So why are they so happy?” I thought I heard someone say.

“And for that matter, why are you so depressed?” I heard the same voice rejoin.

If neither of us is any better or any worse off than we were on 5 October 2016 why the stark dichotomy of viewpoint?

“Because you are all living in self absorbed bubbles” the voice shrieked at me.

“Hell, they aren’t bubbles; they are eggs”, the voice continued.

“And until you all figure out how to hatch your are all on the road to perdition”.

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