Saturday, October 13, 2018

Heinlein Lives

I am what is now known by “The Base” as a Nancy Pelosi left wing liberal nut – I really don’t even agree with the tone and timbre of Pelosi, but since I think that healthcare is a human right I am thus categorized.

And even though I know that Heinlein was far from liberal (and all that Pelosi stuff) he was close to correct about stuff - so many times.

And, if you read much of what Heinlein wrote just after he had to retire from the US Navy, you might even think that he was a Nancy Pelosi left wing liberal nut

Later he morphed into a kind of a head of clan, old man paternalist in his later writings, but even those were at least entertaining.


But back to how “right” he often was as his writings document: read one of the chapters toward the end of Expanded Universe, about what was, as best as Robert and Virginia, his wife and manager, (she spoke Russian) could figure it out, really the economic and logistic truth of the USSR.

Or (I’m stretching my memory here for the name of the chapter) read “She Needs a Bedroom”, one of Expanded Universe’s opening chapters.


I mention Heinlein because I just watched Bill Mayer interview Steve Bannon.

Both were articulate, charming and really entertaining.

For Bill, no surprise.

For Steve …

I was unprepared for charm from Bannon, having seen him in other venues and other contexts, and – maybe – other time slices.

But he came off as someone with whom I didn’t have a lot in common viewpoint-wise, but as someone with whom I might have a beer and with whom I might politically spar, to our mutual enjoyment.

It was obviously a sham.

But, as is sometimes the case with shams, little pin pricks of truthy light crept out of the miasma of the sham.

Those creeps of truth are always unintended.

By the sources of the creeps.

And they are always significant: Bill alluded to Steve having been fired by donnie.

Steve riposted with the observation that he wasn’t in this game to be a lackey of some president.

“I have an agenda and I have been finding recruits for years; they will come and they will go; but I will prevail”.

He really didn’t say those exact words; but that is the essence of what he said.


Hey, Steve: I am totally open to talking to you about me being your speech writer and chief concept lackey.

The word whore is dominating my present view of myself.


But back to the point of this post: Robert Heinlein wrote a book called The Puppet Masters.

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