Tuesday, October 9, 2018

?????????????????????? Proven Innocent???????????????????

“Donald Trump, speaking at a triumphalist White House ceremony, has made the baseless claim that the new supreme court justice Brett Kavanaugh was “proven innocent” of allegations of sexual assault.”

That is from the AP.


donnie never tells the truth.

he always lies.

But saying that the tandem outbursts of recent Senatedom (Lindsay and Lying Bret) “prove” anything, is a lie, even for donnie, of drumpfian proportions.

In the privacy of my home I refer to him – among my numerous other characterizations of ol’ 45 – as a “lying sack of shit”.

That seems to me to be an adequate description.

Of note also is the fact that Lying Bret’s acceptance speech at the trump campaign rally where donnie made the referenced statement, was of Academy Award quality: “I’d like to thank …”

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