Thursday, October 11, 2018

It’s “We”, Asshole

I am watching the PBS Newshour.

Judy is interviewing some vapid young man who is head of some Homeland Security Department tranche with a totally unrememberable name – it has to do with voting, though; I got that much out of his title.

And then:

He has just assured us that this election will be the most bulletproof in American history.

And he looks a little bit like donnie jr..

Probably coincidental.

(He really doesn’t look like donnie jr.; he’s just vapid; like donnie jr.).

Anyway, after assuring us of the ridiculous, he just did something that always pisses me off.

And it has consistently pissed me off since I first heard it from the American Press in the early stages of Bush Sr.’s Iraq war.

Here is what it is.

It is when an American, talking about something America is doing, refers to the Americans doing it as “the Americans”.

It’s “we”, asshole.

I really think that the farming out of agency that seems to be the way things have worked for the years since iraq I is what has caused America to cease to be a great power.

“We” always were “we”, not some brand name that could be disavowed if whatever the brand name was doing went awry.

Like Sears.

Best example I can think of of the danger of the farming of out is: what would have happened if America had been allowed to think of our fathers and grandfathers – their kids way back then - as they leaped into chest deep water at Normandie, as “the Americans”.

It’s “we”, asshole.

Or maybe not, anymore.

drumpfianism has a separate power source – “THE BASE”.

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