Tuesday, October 16, 2018

What Is Behind The Curtain

Mexico Beach got chosen, either at random by a godless universe, or by an All Loving Divine Father, for apparently near total destruction.

If it was the godless universe that did it, it exposes due to the inherent randomness of that scenario, how much of a sham is the American Dream.

It is statistically unlikely that a different random selection would have found a community much better off than Mexico Beach.

Very few of us live with the One Percent.

So I offer a few thoughts on the American Dream (an increasingly elusive hallucination).

This randomly selected American community apparently, if I am to believe the news that I hear, is never going to come back for a variety of reasons.

But those reasons can be summed up by saying that those people live from paycheck to paycheck and Michael has stopped the paychecks.

Even missing one would have put the Mexico Beach people permanently out of the American game.

Not ever having any more paychecks does something that I am not going to attempt to describe.

But it sounds a lot like some kind of shithole country to me.

Whether shithole or not, America has a system that gives massive tax breaks to the very few, very wealthy among us, bumps the amount spent on war toys to seven tenths of a trillion dollars and then says to the rest of us “that resulting deficit is going to have to be paid out of something; looks like Social Security, Medicare and Unemployment Insurance need to be eliminated”.

That was ol’ Mitch McConnel speaking this morning.

He neglected to remind us of how safe that seven tenths of a trillion is going to make us.

After all, we all know about the Russians and all of that.

If, on the other hand, the mayhem wrought upon Mexico City Beach was thought up by that All Loving Divine Father, I just don’t know what to say.

Even I don’t like toying with lightning bolt discipline.

But I can say that it looks to me that if the results of Michael are an Almighty Choice wrought upon those people, it still looks to me like those people – and most of the rest of us (99% or so, let’s say) -  live in a country looking more and more like a shithole.

A common thought for atheists and ecumenicals and all stripes in between.

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