Sunday, December 8, 2019

More About donnie’s Muslims

I think I have heard this.

It is so unsettling and unbelievable I would like to think that I have only imagined hearing it.

But I keep seeming to hear it.

And I listen to NPR.

The same crowd that donnie and Jared are hand-holding buddies with, the same crowd that killed, dismembered and dissolved in acid a member of the American Press Corps (“enemy of the people”) have come home to roost again.

In the murder etc. of Khashogghi donnie said that his Muslims didn’t do it.

There’s a lot of evidence that that he is at best wrong, or, more likely, lying.

What a surprise.

After another of donnie’s Muslims killed three people at NAS Pensacola yesterday, donnie said the king was real sorry.

He didn’t mention that the dead assassin  is probably now a Muslim martyr.

I can’t remember how many virgins that gets him in Valhalla or wherever it is that dead Muslim assassins go.

Now it seems to have been disclosed that the martyr hosted a dinner party the night before the massacre that featured videos of mass killings.

And it also seems to have been disclosed that one or more members of the dinner party shot videos of the massacre in progress

Probably planning a follow-on dinner party.

It has also been cautiously conjectured that several of the dinner party crowd are in the land of the missing.

Probably some more martyr wannabes.

It is understood that there is a limitless supply of virgins in that place wherever it is that Muslim martyrs go, so the application list for martyrs is pretty long.

Among donnie’s Muslims.

donnie has been pretty quiet today, but I’m sure he will say that all his Muslims are AOK.

I guess donnie is just checking in with his handler – Putin – to find out the best way to handle this debacle before he goes to twitter code orange.

I do predict however that part of the story that donnie and his republican lackeys  ultimately concoct will be that it’s all Obama’s fault, and that the plan for the attack is to be found on the server that Joseph of Arimathea took to Ukraine (see previous blog on this subject).

America is not “polarized”; America has been morally and intellectually poleaxed.

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