Sunday, December 15, 2019

In The Wings: You Thought Kavanaugh Was Bad

When Justice Ginsburg finally has to yield to the inevitability of age, and, maybe infirmity, donnie has a candidate ready.

The guy’s name is George Jeffreys.

He’s from Mississippi or somewhere like that.

(Actually he is a hologram from the 17th Century apparatus of James II, but that information is frivolous.)

It has become interesting that all the time travel and fantasy stuff seems to be actually the reality in which we are all living.

I saw some pulsing blue penises just the other day.

But back to Judge Jeffreys.

He is a believer in mass executions – hang, draw and quarter, and mount the remains on the city gates - for disloyalty to the “Unitary Executive”.

Fat Billie is a major fan.

But wait, there is more.

One of Jeffrey’s  most specific plans for revamping American law is that women who have abortions will be burned at the stake.

Bret the Rapist really likes him.

“A nice housekeeping tactic” he has been heard muttering as he quaffs his first beer in the morning.

“If a woman can just start telling the truth, where will men be”?  Bret was heard further muttering.

And Super Skier has said “we need more blood in our assizes; Judge Jeffreys will make America safe again”.

“donnie is a brilliant bidnessman”.

I heard someone say.

There was a backdrop of hollow laughter.

But I probably imagined that.

However, Oryx and Crake are real.

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