Tuesday, December 24, 2019

The “Brilliant Bidnessman”

That’s the myth.

About donnie the dildo.

Like everything else that clings to the air around him like some sort of noxious gas, that myth is just that - a myth.

donnie is a grifter, criminal and charlatan.

But even if he were a “brilliant bidnessman” it wouldn’t have anything to do with anything.

What the world needs now is a leader occupying the American Presidency.

Can anyone who knows anything about anything imagine Reagan, Truman, Eisenhower or either Roosevelt sitting passively - after two ridiculous sham encounters with a tinhorn dictator – and letting the dictator indulge in a year-end count down to an ultimatum for him to “negotiate”?

And I guess we were lucky that John Kennedy wasn’t a “brilliant bidnessman”.

In fact, the last debacle of the magnitude of donnie was long ago and far away when Chamberlain met with Hitler.

I guess Neville must have been a “brilliant bidnessman”.

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