Wednesday, December 11, 2019

The Only Thing That I can Figure

I have been bruising some kale for a salad, re-warming some Barn Owl Lopez Island grown wheat based sour dough tordu and rewarming last night’s celery soup left over.

Oh, also I have been watching Seth Meyers.

One of the real values to me of the late night crowd is not only how smart they are, but how they present the day’s donnie bullshit in precise clips so I can continue to evaluate what the moron in chief has said in the last 24 hours.

Today’s clips finally catalyzed something that has been going on in my background partition for some time.

donnie really thinks he is president and has become convinced that he is really good at it.

So he keeps rolling with things like dismantling the entire United States structure for being the world leader.

And increasing the national debt by a trillion a year for as far as we currently can see.

And making sure that the little people” (remember Leona Hemsley?) don’t get food stamps.

His partisans are already saying he is a greater president than Lincoln so I can see why he keeps dismantling, etc.

But down not very deep he still can’t believe he actually won the 2016 election and has never recovered from being totally incapable of even the most minor aspects of being leader of the free world.

So he has never dropped the need to have a post presidency job lined up.

Because his being a billionaire is just donnie bullshit: that’s why he doesn’t want his tax records out.

Oh, and he’s pretty worried about the Russian money laundering that has kept him financially afloat.

The whole drama of economy-killing tariffs, always on a knife’s edge from being invoked is a nice reality tv touch.

Interspersed with announcements of an imminent “phase one deal” he can keep his groundling goons on the dge of their seats.

Another great reality tv touch has been releasing a document that is edited enough to not really reveal for-sure-can’t-argue-about impeachable offences, but damn close.

Close enough to force the Democratic Party controlled House of Representatives to act on impeachment.

Stupid, right?

No, it’s great reality tv.

Because getting impeached but not being removed from office is great reality tv.

You can’t calculate the dollar value of that kind of publicity.

The nature of the released document, which is a fictionalized account of a phone call – the real transcript is hidden - virtually guarantees that donnie will be found innocent by his republican slime buddies in the senate.

And going off to rallies and just plain making stuff up about everything, not only the Articles of Impeachment, is great red meat for “The Base” (the groundling goons); but I have been hearing the base merely tittering, not roaring, at recent rallies, so how is that a good political strategy?

It isn’t; but it’s great reality tv.

I could continue but I am getting tired and my wine glass needs to be re-filled.

What has suddenly become obvious to me is that donnie would like to be re-elected, but he fears it’s a long shot and to cover the post presidency blues he wants to walk into a billion dollar tv contract for a new kind of reality tv offering: The Conspiracy Theory of How a Sociopath Paranoid Accidentally Won The Presidency and Got Hooted Out of Office.

Rudy is the head script writer; the first season is in the can.

Rudy is scheduled to be in the can imminently.

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