Thursday, December 5, 2019

A Really Sad State Of Affairs

The Democrats have a pretty compelling case about impeachable acts by donnie.

donnie says he has done no wrong and continues to be the laughing stock of the World.

Melania tweets something like "how dare you attack my son"? 

(She of course ignores that she has previously attacked a Swedish teen age girl.)

But teen age Swedish girls aren't named Barron.

Or whatever.

Melania is still the Croatian whore, though.

Day one of the House Judiciary Committee hearings featured a vital primer of why the framers of our Constitution included an impeachment process: "they were terrified of the re-institution of a monarch".

On the other hand the republicans countered that thoughtful presentation with fear, uncertainty, doubts, lies, obfuscations, misrepresentations and a lot of yelling and pounding of tables.

They even tried to make President Obama part of their not very subtle framework of innuendo and racism.

But I guess it really doesn't matter.

America will get what it asks for.

And, more important, what it deserves.

And what it has earned.

Apparently decades of under-achievement in honing the intellectual talent and thinking capabilities of most young Americans, coupled with highly effective gerrymandering and precision voter suppression, recently coupled with Russian assisted micro targeting of franchised minority voter communities has finally given us an environment in which the Constitution is totally optional: the Constitution is great when it serves the fasco-republican agenda, but not to be considered otherwise.

How nice.

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