Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Biblical Musings

 Once upon a time the people could not read.

But they had a holy book.

Their priests told them what the holy book said.

It said to burn heretics and stone adulterers and not eat meat on Fridays.

And many other things.

It was good to have those priests because not only couldn't the people read, the holy book was in short supply; only a few were extant; so the priests had to pretend to be reading it (most of them couldn't read either, but they were great pretenders) and life went forward in that manner for ages.

Then some guy invented a way to print words - on paper.

Coincidentally some of the people had figured out how to read by the time that event occurred.

And more and more were learning to read.

A lot of them got pretty pissed.

Now that they could read, and now that they had the words of the holy book on mass produced volumes of paper, they learned that the priests had been lying all those years.

Or at least, they were just making up shit.

The holy book didn't say what the priests had been saying that it said; in fact none of them could agree what it was that the holy book did say.

In any event, the people could see that their holy book didn't say at all what the priests had been saying it said, in fact it said something different to everybody - to each of the people - who read it; and everybody retired to their own corners and got together in small groups and formed sects.

Those sects went on for centuries and ultimately became what have come to be called mega churches.

But all that is history, and history being bunk, we will leave that prong of this story where it lies: in the ditch.

In recent times a phenomenon of surprisingly inverse parallelism to that described above has come forth.

Almost all of the people can read.

And they all read a new holy book.

It is called the Book of the Face.

And the people don't need priests.

They can all read the Book of the Face and they can all know what the great spirit - the One Who Is One (the Great Algorithm) writes incessantly in real time.

The One Who Is One, for example, has revealed the truth of the great sub god, the Orange One; and He has further revealed the truths of the Orange One's devoted companion Qanon, the Deepest of the tribe known as the Influencers.

And new sects are forming under the banner of the Book of the Face.

And all is once again good and as one with the harmony of all things.

Looking forward, a wag has said, "it might have been better if we had stayed with the priests: even though they couldn't read; they were good story tellers."

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