Sunday, December 19, 2021

If We Make It Through December

 December often looks pretty bleak.

This one is especially so.

Omicron is doubling every few days.

That means 2 becomes 4,294,967,296 in fifteen or twenty days.

West Virginia has decided not to improve the lot of most Americans; let them eat coal.

Mandates are bad unless they force women to have unwanted children.

Then they are good - constitutional, even.

The recent insurrection - the one that was supposed to install a dictator for life - is being swept under the rug by its perpetrators.

The rapist and criminal who fomented the insurrection is being held harmless for all his crimes and may get back in office soon.

And we can't even vote our way out of this mess this time; too many decks have been stacked against too many voters.

I have had some personally bleak times and they have always seemed to come to a head in December.

There is a song that has always gotten me through - December, and beyond.

Here it is for all of us.

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