Wednesday, December 22, 2021

The Metaverse Part One

This last hour I have been listening to Meghna Chakrabarti discuss that apparently imminent next big thing, The Metaverse.

One of the people she is interviewing is a woman with the title Chief Metaverse Officer.

There is a debating error called begging the question; that is when a debater offers as proof that which itself needs to be proven.

I have discovered in the last half hour that there is a metaverse-discussion-error of equal impact.

Madame Chief Metaverse Officer spent most of her fifteen minutes defining things with definitions that needed defining.

Like with begging the question, meta-defining spreads a veneer of apparently undeniable certainty over a substrate of hogwash and double speak.

As the session came to a close, Meghna managed to elicit agreement to the fact that all the double speak boiled down to "Big Tech needs to sell a lot of new hardware and gather a lot of data from the use of that hardware".

I didn't see anything world shaking in that simple revelation.

But I was dazzled that Meghna could pull anything that coherent out of undefined definitions defining incomprehensible assertions.

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