Thursday, December 30, 2021

It's Becoming Popular

 At least, if you pay attention to various low key but hysterical accounts of our recent past - read that as  donnieland - and our apparently immediate future - read that as donnieland.

I am an extremely lazy commentator when I commentate.

A lot of what I commentate about is so fraught (you know - the great American Divide: donnie is great; donnie is an asshole and a danger to the republic) that being lazy is dangerous; but I am so naturally lazy that I can't stop being so.

Danger be damned.

Our recently sidelined wanna be dictator has had a wide variety of books recently written about him and his past, recent and likely near future activities, and none of them, at least none of which I am aware, are complimentary.

To donnie.

Couple things chosen at random from the donnie cornucopia: 

  • As has been previously asserted he really did make amazing money from his D.C. hotel starting on inauguration day; and no court was or, has been willing to enforce, the emoluments clause of our Constitution. The various floors of his D.C. hotel that have been retained by various foreign countries, etc. are just too revenue rich.
  • donnie has taken in half a billion dollars from his stop the steal campaign. 
  • He can spend that any way he chooses; that's not a bad franchise.
There are many many, more, but I am too lazy to even remember them, let alone research them in order of heinousness. 

But I can draw a conclusion from even that tiny data set.

What I said to a friend on American election returns night 2016 was: "we are so screwed".

What I didn't know then, but know now, is that we had already been taken over by the enemy of democracy: the republicans.

So that night it became obvious that we were screwed, but it took time for that to come to fruition; now the progeny of that rape are about to declare victory.

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