Sunday, January 22, 2023

In Memoriam

 After a lot of years and quite a number of ISPs I am shutting down my web site.

There are two reasons for this.

My site was designed for the web.

My site needs to be re-designed for the iPhone.

Those are the two ostensive reasons. 

But really, there are some real reasons.

I built the site over time and ISPs with the major purpose of establishing me as a digital presence and selling books.

Books that I have written.

The site has been up long enough for me to have documented the failure of both of those missions.

But just having a site on the web where I could go and reinforce my existence from my phone or from my computer, or where my son could hawk books for me in the Boston Airport was reason to keep the site alive.

Recently my ISP doubled to price to host that site.

Given that most people were trying to access it, if anybody was trying to access it, by smartphone (and my site couldn't do most of what a smartphone wanted it to do, and I didn't want to pay to upgrade my site, because it wasn't selling any books) I decided to kill it.

I was just looking at the home page.

It has a pretty interesting thing to say.

"Some fairly serious shit has happened in the last sixty years.  As fate would have it, I was fairly close to the central point of a lot of that shit - albeit in some cases only briefly; "shit" it seems, has a fairly long half-life. 

As time has passed I have found it increasingly difficult -impossible really - to turn off a continued remembrance of the events and places and people that inhabited the story boards of all of that shit.  They just won't leave me alone.  So I have written it, and them, all down.

One bookend of the story was my involvement in the "war effort", as we called the Vietnam debacle.  The other was the near demise of IBM.  Between those bookends there lurk a wide variety of people, experiences and events that always seemed, as they occurred, to be coherently additive to the total story".

That's the teaser for Screen Saver, a memoir.

I may post a few more amputations before the corpse is interred.

Probably not.

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