Saturday, January 14, 2023

Placing The Blame

 I saw an interview a couple of days ago between someone in the press and some republican elected official from Nassau County NY.

I think Alderman was the title of the official.

He was well past middle age and had that well fed look of a republican elected official, so he was pretty generic.

The subject being discussed was George Santos.

The republican was asked if the party had vetted Santos.

The answer was the garbled sort of non-speak double-speak that one has become accustomed to in the last several decades.

But then with a burst of clarity, the republican said something that sounded like "but, really, the blame is with the Democrats; if they don't care about the quality of their opponents, who will?"

To finish off this post with an image I googled "generic naussau county republican" and I got this picture.

It looks a lot like the guy I saw being interviewed.

But who knows?

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