Friday, December 14, 2012

Thoughts Evoked by Susan Rice’s Withdrawal of Candidacy

A friend alluded to this event in an email that I got this morning.

I had some immediate thoughts about the article that he supplied a link to:

Here are those thoughts.  They are mercifully brief.


I hadn’t heard that she withdrew.

I read The Economist but seldom turn on CNN so I usually don’t have any currency in the adventures in Wonderland. 

I am glad that this is the way it turned out – it is the only reasonable thing to do in the face of all the important stuff that needs to be attended to: six weeks or more of theatrics in confirmation hearings probably would have been entertaining, but the country would have stood still.

My gut feeling is that Ms. Rice is eminently qualified but a really bad personality fit for the job. 

I think the issues that the republicans have drummed up against her are probably shams, but that is really irrelevant to the higher truth: somebody better suited to the job will now be Secretary of State. 

Of course the republicans will welcome the Kerry appointment with open arms. 

It puts up a Senate seat for grabs.

And Chuck Hagel is a brilliant choice.  He has been off the scene way to long.  He is the kind of republican that I would vote for in a heartbeat, but who can’t even get through a republican primary.

If you want an utter indictment of the republican party that is it.

I thought Hagel should have run for President in 2012, but he didn’t even try. 

He is too straight, honest and intelligent.

It is going to be interesting to watch Governor Christie struggle with that same grim reality.

I think he may call their bluff.

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