Friday, December 14, 2012

“You Are Safe?” How Nice!

I guess the most appalling thing about this latest NRA debacle is that the news coverage seems to be concentrating on letting the generic populace know that "they are safe".

How nice.

There are eighteen kids dead and we should worry about whether the residents of wherever it is Connecticut are safe???

They are safe?????

If the vaunted value of the NRA and the republican cult’s mantra of "everybody has a gun" were anything but a pipedream the citizens of Connecticut would be out searching in the woods for any suspected vestigial remnants of the assassin group and eliminate them.

But those residents are apparently more interested in being “safe”. 

Or so the news would cause one to conclude.

Apparently they are waiting for “Old John Wayne" (quote from a Garth Brooks song).

Here are some thoughts that I offered in 2010, also from Paris, about the value of “safety”.

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