Monday, November 28, 2016

A Walk To Parc Montsourris

The day was going to be Brilliant Paris Blue, which is just as impressive – but not more so – than Ghastly Paris Grey, AND I had left over chicken for a sandwich.

Looked like Parc Montsourris to me.

Out the door, up rue Mazarine to the Bucci Cirque, down rue de Bucci to rue Gregoire de Tours to Boulevard St Germain and down to rue de Seine – it turns into rue de Tournon at its intersection with rue St Sulpice – (John Paul Jones died in an apartment on the left side of rue de Tournon as you walk toward la Sénate) and then into le Jardin de Luxembourg.

I love taking pictures of tour Montparnasse when the sky is blue.

Paris 2016 tour montparnasse 112816 00000

And the chestnut trees look great without leaves with the Paris Brilliant Blue background.

Paris 2016 chestnuts in jardin de luxembourg 112816 00000

And feathers on the ground always get me to take a picture; however, I inadvertently also got another of my favorite things in the picture: flint.  It played a big part in A Curious Confluence.

Paris 2016 feather in jardin de luxembourg 112816 00000

I could not resist taking some shots of the spitting turtles in le Jardin des Grandes Explorateurs.

Paris 2016 grandes explorateurs spitting turtles 112816 00000


And I took the time for the first time to get a fairly decent picture of la Closerie des Lilas.

Paris 2016 clos de lilas 112816 00000

I practiced amazing digital self control from there until I got into Parc Montsourris; I walked around part of the uphill part of the Parc and then settled in for lunch on a bench on the little lake.

Paris 2016 birch tree in parc montsourris 112816 00000

Paris 2016 kaki in parc montsourris 112816 00000

Paris 2016 lunch in parc montsourris 112816 00000

And that was pretty much what I did today that resulted in images.

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