Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Nausée Realized

To celebrate Election Day I refused to turn on CNN this morning.

And then I posted to my blog – that was really fun.

Then I violated the holy Paris breakfast regimen that I adopted several years ago: fromage blanc, half a tradi split into eights – with butter from Bretagne, et un croissant.

Instead I minced a red onion (I paid for a yellow onion because the scales avec images pour faire le label du checkout didn’t have ognion rouges; I felt really compromised having to choose between putting the onions back or just making due with what the machine had on offer; but, what the hell, Carrefour is a big – I guess - profitable company; if they can’t get their scales in synch with their products, it’s not my fault) and folded in some saumon fume ( by the way, Carrefour: if I had decided to turn back les ognion rouges, I would also have turned back le saumon fume, which is pretty expensive; so my floatable morality probably worked to your benefit) into an omelet pan with some huile d’olive, and then the two gross ouefs beaten with some fromage blanc and turned the whole mélange into a New York scramble.

It was good.

Then after all the grindingly dehumanizing necessities of dirty dishes I showered and burst forth on the quais de La Seine.

Here are some pictures documenting that traverse in order of traverse.

I should note that the Jefferson images caused a sort of – what Sartre et al used to call nausée (as I understand the Existentialist meaning of that word it was not physical; it was spiritual) – la nausée in this case taking the form of abject horror that a list with names like Jefferson, Washington, Reagan, both of the Roosevelts, Jackson, (maybe even Van Buren) both of the Adams, Truman, Lincoln, LBJ and JFK could ever be sullied by the name trump – no matter how brief a time he might have floundered in office to the eternal detriment of the Republic – makes me want to puke forth from both my physical and my spiritual vents.

But other than that it was a real good day.

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