Saturday, November 19, 2016

Deja Ou Presque


I have a characteristic that I have no explanation for: frequently something I hear, apparently for the first time, elicits a vague but persistent state of deja vu or presque vu, I never know which, but both keep poking at me.

Such is the case with the "that asshole that got elected to the Presidency recently is demanding an apology from the cast of Hamilton because they dissed his asshole sidekick" story that is now swirling hither and yon.

I even got caught up and shared an MSN newsfeed about it to Facebook.

But I had that murmur mumbling in the in the background.

On the walk home from Le Depart this evening it finally hit me.

"You lie" floated into my consciousness.

"Joe Wilson" floated up from my stored information locker.

And then I remembered Scalia mouthing "not true" during an Obama State of The Union Message.

And then the floodgates opened: Obama put up with, I guess the kind of and amount of verbal abuse and disrespect that one would expect if one were black.

And, as we are all now becoming acutely aware, you have to expect that sort of shit if you are black.

And are going to have to continue to so expect if you are not white and born again.

But back to the mumbling murmurs: no one ever asked why, for example, a member of the House of Representatives - finally, we get back to ol' Joe Wilson - yelled "you lie" at the President.

Nobody ever asked for, or received, an apology for that possibly skirting the Constitution level of total, undeniable disrespect..

And none were ever forthcoming from any of the other lies and insults our President has endured from then to now.

I have no use for donnie the executive asshole, nor do I have any use for his little orphan annie eyed sidekick.

I suggest that he and mikie  just move permanently into trump tower and conjure up delusions of governing.

Grand Wizard donald trump

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