Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Potpourris du Jour 10 Novembre 2016

This is really good - especially if you love the cadences and nuances of Garrison Keillor.

But it must have been written in the initial glow of defeat because he is a better thinker and a better satirist than this extremely satisfying - but if one thinks about it - vapid statement: "those people" - the ones who did this - are out to kill the rest of us.

Garrison has perfectly described who “we” are; that will make it easier for "them" to find "us". The fact that some of "us" are armed is only going to make the inevitable outcome much more messy.

It has been a good two hundred plus year run.

"We" lose "they" win; no amount of beautifully crafted snidery will change that.

Late breaking news: in relation to my post about and share of the Garrison Keillor post, I understand that "the busy little bees of trump" are formulating a "modification" to the Constitution (a "modification" being a new trumpian concept that changes the Constitution with unanimous voice vote of both legislative branches and signature via Twitter post by the executive).

This "modification" adds these words to the second amendment: "except for those who voted for Hillary; lock her up.”

The new world dawns: Ryan is out opening coal mines and streams of trump voters are marching into their maws chanting "lock her up" as they are scanned automatically to the newly created "database of the great American serfs" for "a day's work for a day's respect from the lord ".

How nice.

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