Monday, November 14, 2016

The Day After My Birthday

When I got here on 2 Novembre, Thierry told me the dryer function didn't work.

But the part was on order to fix it.

The part became not available so Thierry bought a new machine.

I thanked him for a really nice birthday present.

Two guys delivered it yesterday, which was my birthday – hence the birthday mention.

They got the old one out and the new one in really fast.

Today Thierry came by and gave me my training.

Thierry doesn’t trust English speakers with his washing machines.

However …

Since I had read the owners guide after the guys installed it, my training was more of a joint exercise; but since he speaks French and I don't it was an asymmetric encounter.

Anyway, after my training I took off on a walk to Tour Eiffel for some pictures and exercise.

I put some clothes in the new washer before I left.

I am at Le Depart right now; I wonder how the washer/dryer did.


That was posted to Facebook as I sat in my favorite Paris haunt.

Now I am home and I can report: the thing worked great and I am midway through a second load.

If my apparent extreme concern about the washing machine, past or present, seems to you to be a thing with me, you are right.

Several years ago Mysti and I had a great apartment on rue Jacob.

It had a washer/dryer.

We put clothes in the thing, and – it being on toward sundown, we poured ourselves a couple of glasses of wine and sat down to enjoy the evening.

After about ten minutes the thing popped open and spewed clothes and water onto the floor.

When we called the rental agency they assured us that we had not closed the door properly; we pointed out that it was not possible for the machine to work unless the door had been closed properly.

That was a standoff.

God, I love Paris and its inhabitants.

Anyway, here are some pictures for today.

paris 2016 boat on seine 111416 00000


paris 2016 detritus 111416 00000

paris 2016 tricolour image 111416 00000

paris 2016 under pont st michel 111416 00000

paris 2016 le depart st michel 111416 00000

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