Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Bar Ou Loupe?

I went to la Mardi marche de Maubert Mutualite this morning.

Even though that market features awesome poissoners, I prefer the bricks and mortar guy next to la boucherrie.

I asked him to filet un bar - a bass - and was fascinated as I watched the efficient reduction of a fish to two, just like store bought filets.

I had forgotten to bring my coin cache so I had to ask him to change a five euro note so I could put a tip in the tip bowl.

A high roller would have left the note.

I'm not a high roller; although I did leave three euros - he also did six scallops, “sans coquille mais avec la choses oranges”.

Anyway, I got two beautiful filets.

I had one of them for dinner.

Interesting to me: in the Atlantic they call them "bar" (bass); in the Mediterranean they call them "loupe" (wolf).

I have eaten both and can't tell the difference.

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