Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ambivalence Is Not Leadership

It is not even a good hiding place.

And silence in the face of evil is self indicting.

The Hague should be the next stop, not impeachment.

donnie got the pot boiling a year ago and he keeps it at a boil to this moment.

Yesterday it boiled over in Virginia: a right winger drove his car into a group of people of – he assumed – some other viewpoint.

And donnie issued a lukewarm rebuke to unnamed forces.

On all sides.

But they aren’t unnamed.

Nor are they on all sides.

Right is “alt” and “alt” inspires hate, fosters violence and recruits killers.

To use their vehicles.

Like ISIS.

That’s as named and one sided as I can imagine.

So his vagueness can only be construed to be approval of the activities of his minions.

Or, more likely,the trap that he set for himself has snapped closed.

And he is caught irrevocably.

The hater in chief must go.

To a trial in the International Court of Justice.

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