Monday, August 14, 2017

The trump License

donnie licenses his name to hotels.

To towers.

To golf courses.

To – you name it, he does or will license his name to it.

For money.

Can you spell emolument?

But his most recent license is to Hitler’s spawn.

Giving a lukewarm “condemnation” of some of his base – after he initially refused to to that (the obvious thing to do if he had really been president, but no, he was afraid to alienate his base (the fascist component of American life) – does not change anything.

It reinforces everything.

It licenses the very thing my father went to Europe to fight all those years ago.

donnie must go.

Fascists should never be presidents of the United States of America.

And donnie stinks to high heaven of fascism.

Look at his real name: Drumpf.

I would want to deport that name.

But what do I know?

Look at the country he came from: Germany.

Germany is still trying to purge itself of people like him and ideas like his.

We lose; he came to America and avoided the purge.

And then he learned how to jimmie the American system to his advantage.

And then he came down a staircase and dazzled a bunch of fascists, racists and idiots of various other stripes.

And a minority of our fellows  elected him.

How sad.

Open carry and fascism seem to me to – since the majority of us disagree with and deplore trumps’s pornographic form of leadership – to be the scissors which will unstitch the wonderful sack of fabric that is America.

And civil war looms.

How sad.

How really, really, really sad.

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