Monday, August 21, 2017


"Strategy" keeps being bandied about; this is not new; it goes back in synchronization with the decline of American English: its clarity, and, even, its very meaning.

"Strategy" is, like, (I hate that meaningless insertion) "to win World War Two and make America the dominant World Power".

Just to name one that pops to mind.

So today when I hear "strategy" assigned to "how do we get out of Afghanistan without making donnie look any more like an idiot than he patently is and can't shrink from", I cringe.

That is clearly a tactic.

To try to save a failed presidency.

"Like", "y'know" etc. fade in importance to the insipid and facile use of the word "strategy".

Napoleon is shouting from the Council of Leaders "il est un idiot" to the guy who will never get into the Council.

I am not going to tell you what Washington, Adams - father and son - Franklin, Jefferson, Hamilton, Madison , Monroe Jackson (an asshole, maybe, but he did establish a common man base to America that persists to today; so he is in the Council), Wilson (he is really pissed - "what kind of idiot would abrogate my world order?"), FDR - "calm down Woodrow, I got it done", Woodrow: yes, but it took you 20 years", silence from FDR; Truman, remember, he finished Wilson's and FDR's policies; Dwight: the most underestimated president; JFK - of course; he saved the world once; even Tricky Dick - he was flawed but amazing; Jimmie: a great human being; George I: the world was his chessboard, and he played for the good of us all; Ronald - I think - a great human being; Bill: all the right thoughts and some pretty good results; and George II - I really recoil at the "royalty" implied by that term; but he was second; just like John Quincy; and then there was Barack; he just never went to the people with his agenda like Ronald did, and he was less of a president because of that; are saying – in council – but it is pretty much what Napoleon says: “the man is an idiot”.

But I digress:

What the Council also said was, in an amazing loud voice:


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