Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The First Lie And Bye Bye???

John Kelly is apparently Jesus Christ reincarnate in the clothes of a marine general – retired.

Actually retired marine generals wear civvies, but this is fake news, so I can act as if I were POTUS.

And let the truth twist aimlessly in the wind.

And that is what I want to observe.


Twisting in the wind.

The twitching twitter thumb of donnie cannot be silenced (mixed metaphor noted).

In an early morning tweet this morning (probably a fake fact – and badly phrased to boot) he said that enemies  and fake media cannot silence him.

That came as quite a surprise (Irony intended).

Here is what I think: that continuing tweet stream cannot persist for more than hours before it contains some monstrous lie or other.

I’d say 72 – hours – at most.

Which brings us back to the reincarnated one.

If truly the redeemer returned, Kelly has only one alternative as the lie hits the fan.


Or he can remain and mutter and shuffle and dance at the end of the string attached to the stick held in the hand of donnie the tweeter.

An amusing mix of allusions, metaphors and fake news.

Hey Breitbart: I’m  still available.

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