Tuesday, August 15, 2017

donnie The Fascist Says They Had A Permit

The Fascists, he said.

Had a permit, he said.

So that makes it all OK.

Beating a young black man, he implied.

Is OK, to finish the previous fragment.

(Sister Justitia is cursing me from the other side for my acquired form of prose that I perceive to be necessary to retain the attention span in the blogosphere.)

By saying they had a permit.

And the “others” (not the “Make America Great Again” bunch, I guess) didn’t have a permit.

Or at least I think I heard him say that.

And that – he seemed to imply – made the “others” lily livered pansies who would rather have clean air than coal dust in their lungs.

But of paramount importance was the implication that a “permit” was necessary for free speech.

He must not have meant that, and I must have imagined that he implied that, because I – am not sure of this, but I think, nonetheless – you don’t need a permit to exercise free speech.

And if I am correct, obviously, no president in his right mind would say or imply otherwise.


And protesting a racist, fascist, white supremacy – but permitted (donnie has assured us that that was true) mob with open carry fire arms, baseball bats and other implements of destruction (I think Arlo Guthrie coined that term) – seems to me to be free speech.

Albeit frighteningly brave free speech.

But donnie can only acknowledge the open carrying, fully armed, and augmented with large heavy club sort of free speech.

How Drumpf.

How – dare I say it – Fascist.

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