Saturday, August 12, 2017

The Twenty Fifth

I was going to wax poetic – in my trademarked negative manner – about the mounting pile of unexplainable mis-steps, idiocies, emoluments, threats on twitter to foreign and domestic victims: he will unleash fire and  fury on North Korea and he is going to (I know; he is only thinking about it) invade Venezuela, and a lukewarm “condemnation” of something – we know not what for sure he may have thought he was “condemning” in Charlottesville Virginia.

fire and fury 2017

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And that has only been in the last 48 hours or so.

Not very less recently he jumped on twitter one morning and said transgender people were not to be in the US military.

For a number of easily provable bogus assertions.

And contrary to what his military commanders thought was the policy of the US military.

And the Russians lurk ever more prominently – no matter how many shouts of fake news donnie burps out.

And his son is still slimy.

And probably a traitor.

And his son in law is making a lot of money on all of this.


But so are they all.

The troop of trump.

Emoluments are fungible we are learning.

And so on.

There is so much – I just hit a few high points of the last couple of days – that I get tired thinking about it.

Let alone trying to write about it.

So I won’t.

Try to write about it.

But I have drawn a conclusion.

And it is one based on the miniscule evidence offered – miniscule compared to that available - above, and the 200 days of the rest of it that I am too tired to offer.

trump is unfit for being president of the united states of america (lower case intentional – artistic emphasis intended).

The Twenty Fifth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America (return to upper case in honor of the country I am in fear of losing) says that he can be removed by his Vice President and Cabinet if he is manifestly incompetent or otherwise impeded.

donnie is all of the above.

If it hadn’t come to this, but was just getting close, I would have advised donnie to read Conrad Black’s biography of FDR.

If he had – read it - he could, perhaps have learned what a President does, and what the requirements and constraints to success in the office are.

But, alas, Black’s FDR is more than 140 characters.

So I saw the futility of recommending that book to donnie even before I saw that 25 is looming.

And besides, he doesn’t read this blog.

I know; I am twitter free of threats.

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