Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Five Gee

5G is the next level of wireless network.

It’s the one that will allow every device everywhere to communicate with every other device anywhere at blinding speed.

You will be getting texts before they have been keyed.

So that’s all pretty exciting.

For America there is a problem.

Our wireless carriers have been sitting around thinking great thoughts and cranking up the profit machine on 4G, the current not very fast or device rich current G (generation) of wireless.

Remember this: America has the P.T. Barnum school of capitalism in effect.

There’s a sucker born every second and the great American business system will milk every last dollar out of every one of them using the least possible investment to do it.

In fact, the major investment made to further that end is in smoke and mirrors (advertising).

AT&T has rebranded its laughably lacking 4G as 5G.

I guess now that we have donnie everybody is going to start lying.

Qualcomm has posted this to the web:

“Welcome to the Invention Age.

Today, Qualcomm is applying over 30 years of mobile expertise to virtually everything—transforming industries, creating jobs, and enriching lives. We’ve done it by unlocking 5G. And it’s going to spark the next generation of technological progress. We’ve ushered in the next major era, the Invention Age. A time without barriers to invention. 5G is empowering rapid acceleration, unleashing new experiences, and will fuel the global economy with the ability to create new jobs and products. And all that starts with Qualcomm.”

That sounds good but there doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of product behind the text.

Unfortunately China has developed a working, deployable robust and ready form of 5G.

One might think that the obvious thing to do would be for America and the rest of the world to buy 5G from the Chinese.

But America wants a level playing field.

We want to have everything be put on hold until – or, maybe, if - we can catch up with the Chinese.

In the interim donnie is demanding that the rest of the world not buy the technology that American business has been too fat, dumb and happy to develop.

That is to economics what “total exoneration” is to the Mueller report.

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