Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Mueller Has Spoken

He spoke just a little while ago.

And it was nationally broadcast.

He said there was massive Russian interference against the Clinton campaign.

He said there wasn’t enough evidence to accuse the trump campaign of having conspired with the Russians.

He said that he couldn’t indict trump for obstruction of justice because there is a policy against indicting sitting presidents.

He said that if he could have found trump as not being guilty of obstruction of justice he would have said so.

He said that he couldn’t say that trump did not obstruct justice.

That was what Robert Mueller said today about the Mueller Report.

Sine he wrote that Report, and since what he said today is also clearly stated in the Report we might conclude that what Robert Mueller said today is the truth about the Report.

We might also notice how different what Robert Mueller has said about the Mueller Report is from what Fat Billie has said about the Mueller Report (as donnie and the dildos go to the mattresses Fat Billie is the one in charge of dismantling the American Security Apparatus; Sarah the Stabber is dismantling the press; Fat Mikey is dismantling the security structure of the Free World; Mitch the Turtle is in charge of stopping all legislation and Mikey the Vapid is getting the christian soldiers to start marching; nobody has figured out what Johnnie the Bolt is doing).

But that might be a digression.

So back to my point.

Everything donnie has said about the Mueller Report has been the usual fare: lies.

trump can’t speak truth.

All he can do is lie.

Or as he has just tweeted “Mueller said today ‘insufficient evidence; case closed’”.

I guess donnie was listening to somebody else.

More likely, he is lying.

How odd.

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