Sunday, May 26, 2019

I Guess It’s To The Mattresses

The crime don who is currently masquerading as President of the US has declared all out gang war on the Constitution and its various institutions, customs, protocols and laws.

donnie the dildo has declared a moratorium on government and governing until the People’s Branch of the legislature ceases to function.

Fat Billie, his consigliore, is going after the entire security apparatus of our country.

The Press is to be dismantled and reborn in the groveling fiction-as-news Fox image.

Mitch the Turtle is making sure laws are stopped in their tracks in the deliberative branch of the legislature.

Mikey the Vapid is telling Christian students to prepare for the impending battle.

One could assume that the script of the great reality show has just been clicked up a notch or two.

That would be both optimistic and tragically incorrect.

The intent of the reality show is obvious: make official the creeping coup d'état that has been in progress since calendar 2000.

I pray that the Constitution and its institutions are ready for this battle,

And that battle is to the death, figuratively speaking, of course.

But if we the people lose this one – or worse, just shrug, say “my my”, and go about our daily trivials – we the people are dead, spiritually speaking, of course.

That’s how serious this deal has become.

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