Saturday, December 26, 2020

A Bird Across From France

 The crow in le Jardin du Luxembourg - from a previous post - went out on the international bird image blog.

I got a lot of comments from birds all over the world saying "good pic", "great catch" and similar accolades.

The one that caught my attention, though, was: "you always favor the 'pretty' birds (jays, house finches, goldfinches etc.) and when you do deign to feature one of us black colored birds, you always either have a Paris crow or a cormorant on the cop dock on quais Bernard. I am a cormorant, and proud of it. But I live in Anacortes on the Salish Sea; so you would never take a picture of  me, let alone feature it in the blog of yours; so go screw yourself".

It was unsigned.


So I looked back through a lot of Anacortes pictures that I have taken, a lot of them of cormorants and found the best of breed.

Here it is.

I don't know his/her name: if you - the he/she in this image - see this let me know what your name is.

Nice sheen on your breast plate.

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