Saturday, December 5, 2020

donnie From The Point Of View Of The President

 Jacques showed up today.

It was really good to see him.

It has been several years.

We first met in an apartment in Paris where he was eating croissant crumbs and I was lapsing into sleep in a kitchen chair.

On that occasion he was there to tell me that I needed to "find her" or "help her" or something like that.

That had had to do with a relationship spanning 5000 years.

I guess that it turned out well.

And I  have seen him subsequently several times, always in Paris.

This is the first time that he has contacted me on the Salish Sea.

He did that stand there with his hands on his hips thing - being a mouse that has always been an odd pose, but that has always been they way he has acted around me,

Maybe that's the way he acts with everyone.

I have no way to know.

But there he was this time on the island.

He was pounding on the front door - the door on the side of the house that is opposite the water - and I thought that that was pretty ridiculous, but I humored him; he could have just opened the door and come in, since his non opposable thumb wasn't needed for doorknob twisting, but he was being "proper".

What a pain in the ass when your best friends feel that they need to be "proper".

But he did.

Feel that need.

On all previous occasions I have been taken by Jacques to a thing called The Council of Leaders.

It's members are Napoleon, Catherine the great, FDR, Harry and so forth and so on.

Every time I have ever been there it has been chaired by George Washington - they call him The President.

This time the room was empty.

Or so it seemed until the lights came up a bit and sitting alone there was The President.

He looked at me with an expression that was sad, distant and intense.

"Save my country".

"I am just a citizen".

"But you care".

"I do; but we are beyond caring".

"Yes; donnie has nearly destroyed us, but someone needs to act in response; you can try, at least; you can try; you can try".

And then he started to cry; he cried huge lung rending sobs.

"Save my country".

"Somebody, save ..."

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