Sunday, December 27, 2020

Cinq And Me Discussing Cornbread

 One of our cats likes to sit at the counter like Norm in Cheers.

He normally just sits and participates in the conversation.

Sometimes something we are eating is such that he gets more aggressive than normal acceptable human protocols should tolerate; but we just make him back off and, usually, offer whatever it is to him in a cat saucer on the floor at his eating station.

He then eats whatever it was.

Recently some corn bread went through that drill; when it was in his saucer on the floor he just turned up his nose and went back to his stool at the counter.

So we brought the saucer over to the counter and put it in font of him.

He ate the entire saucer.

On his second saucer he and I discussed the nuances of really good corn bread.

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