Thursday, April 7, 2022

Last Gasp - Or Last?

 From 35,000 feet America looks like a pretty tranquil place.

Descending from the clouds into the midst of the folks down below reveals how wrong that apparent tranquility is.

Because at sea level, and from sea to shining sea, one is immediately immersed into a maelstrom of snarling, gesticulating loudly raving hate 

The majority of a newly and artificially created electorate wants to be governed by a dictator and to be done with ever having to choose a leader again: as long as that leader rules with hatred and lies things will be good - or so the belief of that artificially created majority seems to be.

One might ask to what end their dictator's hatred should be directed; if that question were to be asked, one would get an array of answers; but they would all boil down to one thing, and that one thing would be we fear that we are being replaced; replaced by something sinister.

The fact that that newly and artificially created electorate is all white and heavily male, may point to what it is that that newly appointed ruling class is afraid of and what they intend to do about it.

They are probably afraid of a large and growing group men, and especially women in a certain category, a category that could be dubbed "non-white".

They probably have that fear because they have read some about the impending demographic shift toward which America is hurtling at a speed beyond their control.

But, since most of them don't read, most are probably just feeling the gravitational pull of that impending shift; being ignorant doesn't rule out being cunning, and cunning senses stuff that smart needs to get from reading.

So, literate or cunning, the sense of the shift is there, and the result is the same: a maelstrom of snarling hate - hate with a mission which is to, once and for all cut off from any semblance of a decent life or participation in the administration of power to any but the most supreme of whites.

An optimist might see this as the unfortunate transition necessary as a prelude to something else, maybe even something better.

The optimist would probably say "demography is demography and like time and tide it is not to be denied its direction and implications".

So the optimist might see America's future as being a fully constituted multi-everything democracy.

And that optimist might point out that, all of that being true, the imminent creation of a hate directed and controlled phase of American history is merely the last gasp before a new life of acceptance of all Americans as equal participants comes into being as a new and regularly breathing, post gasp, post hate America.

But that viewpoint ignores the fact that the imminent reign of hate will come into existence because of  the newly and artificially created electorate.

The voting system of the United States has been recently re-designed with a purpose: to purge the Senate and the House in 2022 and to get rid of the President and install a dictator in 2024.

That's hardly a gasp; it's pretty much a last.

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