Monday, April 25, 2022

republicans 2022: We Was Robbed: Restore donnie The Dildo

 I just saw a PBS Newshour segment that featured a clip of a recent debate between Brian Kemp and David Perdue (republican candidates for governor of Georgia).

Perdue was attacking Kemp - the incumbent governor - for letting Biden steal the election in Georgia.

And Perdue kept shouting down any response Kemp had to the attack (a clear homage to donnie the dildo from presidential-debate-land 2020).

It appears that overturn the steal is the main republican theme for why they should win all contests in the 2022 mid-terms.

I guess that's a pretty substantial rationale for turning the country over to the Klan.


There are almost 180,000 voting precincts in the United States where local people manage and run the elections of the United States.

There is no national data base of voters.

Those are kept at the county level.

There are 3143 counties in the United States.

So, the recent theft of the 2022 presidential election (there was no theft down ballot - republicans regained or added seats everywhere) was a fiendishly clever intervention by the democrats into the data bases, voting machines, paper ballot scanners and computer tabulated vote counting systems of 180,00 precincts and 3143 counties.

I'd vote for a party that was that well organized.


The Big Lie notwithstanding (recently I actually heard a republican invoking Hitler's "stab in the back" meme) because it is BIG and it is a LIE, we need to keep our perspective.

And the slogan of trumpism can best bring us to closure: "always remember, and never forget: if you vote for trump in 2024 you are voting for lynching as a method of national cleansing; and that is a good thing, because all those 'others' need to be sociologically and physically cleansed from our great country".

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