Monday, April 4, 2022

The Big Laugh

 Now that the Russians have "accomplished their objectives" in north central Ukraine and have moved off to join their irridentist comrades in eastern Ukraine they have left a lot of dead bodies behind.

As the Ukranian military gradually moves in, and along with them, the international press, a horribly grim story, complete with images and video, is unfolding.

Dead raped women, men with bullets through their skull and their hands tied behind their backs, myriad hopelessly disoriented pets and livestock and weeping, hopeless children shouldn't be a source of comedic relief.

And it wouldn't be if the Russians weren't kibbitzing every horror.

"Fake news".

"Staged by actors" (I can see the Qanon posts: "Spielberg contracts with Zelinsky to make Putin look bad".)

"American conspiracy".

And myriad other Putin Playbook shit.

When I hear this predictable stream of Putin Facts, I just can't restrain a legitimately joyous belly laugh.

Hitler had the big lie.

Putin has refined that concept into the big laugh.

Leave 'em laughin' someone once is supposed to have said.

Puty has a future in vaudeville.

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