Friday, April 8, 2022

So, Whatta We Do?

 I posted to this blog a while back a post titled "Coup du Monde" - takeover of the world - that post posited that Puty is finessing his nuclear weapon threat (commonly called World War Three, or Armageddon) to keep any meaningful restraint from being put on him as he annihilates an adjacent Slavic country and all its inhabitants.

Implicit in that post is the obvious fact that Puty's plan is bullet proof.

Nobody is going to start the war that ends this phase of civilization, so Russia can do whatever it wants, probably anywhere.

Where else they intend to exercise that bulletproofness is yet to be announced. 

A similar finesse is on the table domestically.

Ol' Mitch and Ol' Lindsey have both said that in the likely event of a republican takeback of the Senate this November there will be no more Supreme Court nominees allowed to the current president should a vacancy occur.

Of course that's malfeasance of the first water.

And it certainly isn't in keeping with originalist Constitutionalism that all those republicans hold so dear.

The Constitution's words say that the president will nominate and the Senate will advise and consent when a vacancy occurs on the Supreme Court.

But, instead of advising and consenting, the imminent republican Senate is going to block and oppose.

Remember 2012?

So whatta we gonna do about these two enemies, foreign and domestic?

Putin and the republicans?

Yeah, that's what I think too.


We're pretty screwed.

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