Wednesday, October 11, 2023

An Assumption Too Far?

 On the assumption that the House of Representatives plays anything resembling a significant part in the business of the Government of the United States of America - and therefore, the business of the World - one might make an observation.

In January the nominee for speaker of that House was someone known to be fairly generally hated by many of his kindred lawmakers: they didn't trust him; they didn't agree with his "policies"; he lacked "policies", his only policy being a ravenous need to be speaker.

It took days and days and 15 ballots to get him into his ravenously desired post.

It took an irrational number of concessions for him to finally, 15 ballots in, achieve that post.

One of those concessions bit him fatally a few months later, and he became the first Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States of America to be removed from office.

In the void immediately commencing on the heels of that removal a lot of people, some of those who removed him among them, suddenly became aware of what it means to not have the lower House of our bi-cameral Legislature as a functioning entity.

Ukraine needs more money.

The Jews have paid a pretty price for following an incompetent dictator and a thousand of them died dismal deaths last weekend and the United States is irrationally and fatally required to rush to their aid with blood and treasure; the House needs to be functioning.

"What else? What else?" rattled the empty halls of the Empty House.

"We better get us a new leader real fast", some of the deposers shrieked.

I can understand, if I adopt a completely irrational point of view, all of that.

But I would have thought that a key design point of whomever gets put forward as the new Speaker would have had a patina of durability about him.

I would not have even wished for competence; that no longer exists in republican land.

But durability?

Of course.

Steve has blood cancer.

How does that square with durability?

I guess the circus will continue.

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