Thursday, October 26, 2023

The Difference

"Too few people with too much money,

 "And too many with too little,

"And then there's me,

"Apparently free,

"Of problems,

"Of money 

"One medical bill or one 'we have totaled your car' away from the abyss,

"'Apparently, apparently, therefore, a word remiss,

"But, remiss or other,
"Remiss or not,

"When I looked for its brother.

"'Careless' I got,

And so,

"I've got what I've got,

"And I guess that's good, so good, so good,

"I'm sure that's the feeling I should,


 "In the best of all countries,

"In the best of all times,

"City on the hill,

"How it all shines,

"But, still, too many with much, much too little",

I thought to myself,

As I scrumbled my dollar bills,

In my wallet,

So I could pay for

A copy of Real Change.

The paper costs two dollars.

I gave the guy three.

The guy thanked me.


I felt like a shit.

"What's the difference" I said to no one in particular,

"Between him and me?"

"He has guts" came floating to my brain.

"You would be dead, and down the drain,

"If you had to show up every day in front of QFC,

"That's the difference between him and me".

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