Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Je Rétracte

Today I said "I stand with Secretary Guterres.  I am unable to differentiate what Israel is doing to the Palestinians in Gaza and what Putin is doing to Ukrainians in Ukraine.  I have even heard Israelis say that there is no historic basis for Palestine and Palestinians.  That sounds an awful lot like Putin's hallucinations". 

I may be, probably am, totally misinformed about history, and about what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians; if that is true, it is explainable how I can be so out of step with every Israeli I have heard speak in the last 22 days, including the one who went after the Secretary General of the United Nations for suggesting that there was a nation known as Palestine, and that it consists of human beings, millions of them, and that they ought not be exterminated. 

So, I apologize for and retract all that I have said about what the Jews are doing. 

To be as misinformed as I am on all counts, I decry my "education" and excoriate NPR, BBC and PBS for their balanced and rational coverage of the post 7 October Middle East.

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