Monday, October 30, 2023

When Do They Start Counting?

 A couple of hours ago I heard a retired Israeli colonel interviewed by the BBC.

She obfuscated on all subjects extremely effectively.

But paramount among her obfuscations was her multi-repeated strident assertion "the Israeli Army does not target civilians".

To date, 8000 Palestinian civilians - 2400 of them children - (have you noticed that the "horrific" Jew body count remains 1400, as the Palestinians deaths rise by the hour?) have been killed.

I guess that that 8000 weren't targeted, assuming truth in the strident protestations, noted above.

I guess not having been targeted is the same as not being dead.

In Israeli-Speak.

Nonetheless, since we, the rest of the world, do have a body count - 8000, and rising by the minute - we have a pretty good idea of how many Palestinians have not been targeted by the Israeli Army, and therefore, in Israeli-speak, are not dead.

So, when do they - the Jews - start counting?

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